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I write about my experiences as a Team Canada wrestler travelling the world to train and compete. You can expect to read updates on my training and results, how to eat and train like an athlete, and so much more!

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Getting Involved & Giving Back

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Being an international level athlete is super exciting and I’ve had the opportunity to travel and see a lot of the world while doing it. Often times people will say that they are jealous or that they should have joined wrestling, but they feel that they missed their chance or that it’s beyond their ability. I’m here to tell you it might not be too late!
Okay, it may be too late for you to learn how to wrestle and get yourself into the competitive shape that is required to compete at that level. BUT! It’s not too late for you to get involved. There are a couple great ways to get involved in sport that don’t require painstaking hours of training and physical prowess – officiating and coaching!!

The Struggle is Real
Battling back from injury is probably the most universal athlete experience. What athlete, regardless of sport, location, ability level, age, or gender, hasn’t suffered at least a minor setback because of a physical ailment? Still, there’s something about it that can feel so isolating. This may be exacerbated because I’m both an individual sport athlete and because of the timing of the injury, it’s our post-nationals lull after all. Despite knowing this, I feel like it should somehow feel different.

Thank you YogaGrow!

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YogaGrow is a beautiful yoga studio downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick. The space is warm and filled with light, with exposed brick walls, and an inviting atmosphere that is relaxing and comforting. It is the perfect space to practice yoga. On top of that, owner and instructor Amy Murphy is full of knowledge and passion. She creates balanced, fulfilling, challenging, and thoughtful sequences and no two classes are the same! Climb the stairs up to the second floor studio and you are greeted with a welcoming smile and enthusiasm for the upcoming class.